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Los Angeles, California (United States)


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About DRX


Founded in 1999 as DestinationRx, DRX was a pioneer in consumer prescription drug pricing and purchasing technology. Today, the company is the leading provider of Medicare health plan and prescription drug comparison tools to the federal government, America's largest health plans, Fortune 500 employers, brokers and agents, advocacy organizations, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers. DRX enables these organizations to control costs and increase revenue by equipping consumers with the educational, strategic and transaction-support tools necessary to navigate today's complex healthcare marketplace.


Recent milestones for DRX that demonstrate the company's growth in the healthcare technology space include:

Enrollment of over nine million beneficiaries in a Medicare health plan

Addition of Medicare Supplemental to the PlanCompare suite of tools, which also includes Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D

Development of BrokerLink, making PlanCompare and electronic applications available to all sources of Medicare enrollment

Launch of a mobile version of DrugCompare, expanding the convenience and accessibility of DRX's drug comparison tools


DRX was the first organization to provide price comparisons for drugs on the Internet and from mail order pharmacies. After signing agreements with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), DRX expanded its capabilities to Medicare Part D plan comparison technology. When these technologies quickly gained the attention of large employers and health plans, DRX further expanded its capabilities to include medical plan comparison. Today, DRX supports the exchanges for Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental, in addition to continuing to operate DrugCompare, the most comprehensive prescription drug comparison tool available.

Visit us at http://www.drx.com

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