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Our mission at Ability Jobs Plus is to provide a much needed service that has been neglected for far to long.

There currently are 54 million U.S. citizens; roughly 19% of the United States population lives with a disability. This doesn't include the 2.9 million disabled men and woman that served in the military. 

I am Richard F. Hill II, the founder and CEO of Ability Jobs Plus and I happen to be one of the 54 million U.S. citizens that is disabled.

We Ability Jobs Plus pledge to find employment for each and every disabled individual and disabled veteran that has the desire and is willing to work. If every small U.S. business owner to every corporation that uses our site and the service we provide with your help we would be helping 56+ million disabled individuals in joining the work force once again, or for the first time.

Of course we do not want to exclude our services just within the United States. We would like to reach out on a global scale. With a world population of almost 7 Billion people on earth, the number of disabled individuals is is fastly reaching 1 Billion people. This is one of the largest miniority groups on earth, individuals with disabilities face greater barriers, and should be given the opportunity to find employment.


The fact is there is no true website...(Until now). AbilityJobsPlus.com - We are the first job site created by an individual with a disability., to help disabled veterans and disabled non military disabled in their search for quality employment.